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Graphite Felts for Thermal Insulation


Rigid Graphite Felt
Rigid Graphite Cylinders
PAN & Rayon baseed carbon fiber carbonized. faced foil or CFC

Rayon Graphite Felt
Pan Graphite Felt
polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber .


Carbon/Carbon composites

CFC Board 2D/3D
Profiles Bolts, Nuts
Assembly & Parts
Tube/Rod/Cylinder/ Heater/Crucible


Graphite & Carbon of Furnace Hot Zone Assembly


Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone Assembly
Poly Silicon Ingot Furnace Hot Zone
Mono Silicon furnace & Hydrogenated Silicon Furnace Hot Zone
PECVD Furnace


Carbon Foam
Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Foam


The matrix of cells and ligaments is completely repeatable, regular, and uniform throughout the entirety of the material. Baltek carbon RVC is a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure and has a controlled density of carbon per unit volume.

Flexible Graphite Felt Thermal Insulation

Pan (Polyacrylonitrile based) carbon felts.

Rayon (viscose-based based) graphite felts.

Order information:e.g.

①BALSGF ②PAN/RAYON ③12,000mm x 1,200mm x 10mm


①BALSGF Flexible Graphite Felt
②PAN Pan Graphite Felt
* RAYON Rayon Graphite Felt

③Felt Dimensions

carbon felt

BALSGF is available as either Pan or Rayon based graphite felts.
The flexibility of the felt allows the insulation to be shaped around the walls of the furnace often it is utilized as a protective barrier between the furnace wall and the rigid insulation to take out any irregularities and also to compensate for differential expansion between the two different materials.






Thickness:1/2"; 1/4" 5mm; 10mm;12mm

Width :1200mm

Length :12000 mm

- Hot zones
- Vacuum metallurgical
- Insulation materials
- Composite materials
- Directional crystal solidification
- Semi conductor- Solar cells

- Fuel cells


Bulk density g/cm³ 0.14 Max.
Carbon Content % 99.5 Min.
Thermal Conductivity At 20℃ w/mk 0.16
Thermal Conductivity At 1000℃ w/mk 0.25
Processing Temp ℃ entidegree 2200℃


Thermal conductivity graph

Thermal Conductivity of Balflex SGF as a function of temperature ( Nitrogen atmosphere)


- High purity

- Low thermal conductivity

- High-temperature stability
- Easy machinability


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